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As an all-in-one solution, Plosive is positioned in the public's interest in crypto mining

As a differentiating factor of Plosive solution, you can mine with only one smartphone and implement the blockchain structure and algorithm equivalent to the general PC mining base without special technology in installing and using mining solution.

Plosive naturally focused on the daily use of smartphones by citizens, and it is a project that allows them to mine naturally without any inconvenience in using smartphones every day. This project is a scalable mining model that drives the power of ubiquitous smart devices all over the world. In addition, compared to the current Crypto Mining Model, it is an eco-friendly low power model.

Weak Point of Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency distribution market difficult for beginners to access

More and more people are learning about the cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. And they want to be crypto enthusiasts. Despite these demands, however, the technical knowledge to enter the crypto market is overwhelming for beginners

New entrants in the cryptocurrency market often need instructions and advice on how to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

many novices don not realize that cryptocurrency is different from real cash. Due to this general situation, cryptocurrency has not yet been adopted as a payment solution for daily purchases.

Weak Point of Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency mining market with high entry barriers

Today, cryptocurrency mining requires expensive, high-powered computer equipment. Currently, most mining is mining using PoW consensus algorithm.

In general, it is very difficult for ordinary individuals to introduce mining equipment to enter the PC-based cryptocurrency mining market where rewards are rewarded. As a result, the current mining market is becoming fixed in the form of monopoly of corporate miners with large capital.

Current Status and Problems

Why Mobile Devices Based?

Plosive has developed a new accessible mining model to provide services to the undeveloped mining market, and anyone with a smartphone device can send cryptocurrency and perform mining.

In many developing countries, mobile devices are already in widespread use beyond wired devices. Smart mobile devices enable unprecedented levels of cryptocurrency mining for people without specialized technical knowledge or equipment and those who live in areas with high electricity rates for PC mining.

Plosive will provide a simple user experience and platform that will allow all users to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy regardless of their technical capabilities. Users can fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy by earning Plosive Coins with their mobile devices.

Current Status and Problems

Simulated Version of the Plosive Platform

  • It makes it easy for people with low interest in the blockchain to easily access it without repulsion against the blockchain.
  • Building from the main net in earnest at the beginning may cost a lot of network fees, so you will eventually have to develop a testnet, which can slow down the progress of the development.
  • In case of an unexpected error, it is easier to wipe out bugs than Real Version.
  • If an error occurs when recruiting beta testers, trust in the Plosive Platform may be lowered.
  • Prototype can be developed more easily than existing blockchain mainnet construction project, and the development direction can be checked, allowing for quick modification.
  • It is easy to increase the number of existing front-end and back-end developers needed for development.
Current Status and Problems

Real Version of the Plosive Platform

Unlike public blockchains made up of other PC based mining systems like Ethereum, Real Version is low power that enables mining only with pure smartphone and is a public blockchain platform with a low entry barrier to miners

Real Version acquires PLO Coin by combining Proof of Work and Proof of Execution agreements. Through this consensus, all miners are rewarded for their participation and contribution to network growth.

  • Unlike the existing PoW consensus algorithm, which only rewards the miner who created and spread the block first, it rewards all miners that are used to run the Plosive Real Version app
  • Real Version mining app is designed to utilize the smartphone battery's built-in battery and CPU sensor to monitor device temperature and prevent overheating.
  • Unlike the PoW consensus mechanism, which requires the computer to work constantly to get the reward, the integration of the PoE consensus algorithm allows miners to be rewarded continuously.
  • In other words, the mining function of the app is not activated, but it still works as a node while the app is open, so Proof of Execution is applied to help miners continue to receive rewards.

Token Distribution

This is Information about PLO token distribution.

Token Symbol PLO
Driving platform and type Ehtereum ERC20
Total issue volume 100,000,000,000 PLO
User Reward 50%
Marketing 25%
Development 10%
Partnerships 10%
Plosive Team 5%
Meet the Team


Logan Foster
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Daniel Dixon
CTO & Software Engineer
Luke Fisher
COO & Genesis BlockChain


Alessandro Meo
Senior ICO Advisor

Participates in several projects

Elhassan Baker
ICO Advisor

Takes part in this project only

Matthias Besch
ICO Advisor

Takes part in this project only

Sebastian Daschner
ICO Advisor

Takes part in this project only

Chris Matkus
ICO Advisor

Takes part in this project only

Taylor Braunson
ICO Advisor

Takes part in this project only



Road Map

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